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Autonomous vehicles employ embedded software, sensors, and communications systems trending towards advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. True level 5 autonomous driving, full autonomy in any and all conditions, will not be achieved without real-time video enhancement technology. ProHawk unlocks the highest quality real-time video enhancements with ultra-low 20 µs latency enabling AI and deep learning systems to improve object detection and classification. It also allows machine and computer vision systems to more accurately analyze and act on enhanced video in real-time.

ProHawk  provides the unique ability to adapt to changing visual conditions in real-time on-the-fly. Visual monitoring and sensing systems that require microsecond execution are challenged due to continual changes in lighting, weather, airborne particulate matter, and environmental conditions. ProHawk technology’s capacity to autonomously detect and adjust internal parameters to provide clarity at every moment in time can truly be a life saver.

The need for understanding and analyzing visual contents, among industries to gain meaningful insights is driving the technology industry. AI is gaining prominence due to its complex, data-driven applications for voice and image recognition. The demand for high quality, actionable, real-time video is rapidly increasing throughout the AI market.

Successful implementation of smart city projects heavily depends on technologies – data communications, cloud, mobility, and sensors that seamlessly tie together to form an IoT ecosystem. Typical smart city projects target traffic flow optimization, public safety violence eradication, street light efficient utilization, and parking. Smart cities are enabled by smart cameras that will make sense of what they see in real time. Advanced video analytics will be leveraged for security and to improve operational efficiency. High quality actionable video is essential to key, common video analytics uses including License Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition.

ProHawk allows systems designers to quickly and easily integrate real-time video enhancement technology into virtually any system and application.  It delivers unparalleled video clarity with the lowest possible latency for autonomous vehicles, drones, autonomous ships, smart cities, and autonomous aircraft…

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