The demand for high quality, actionable, real-time video is rapidly increasing throughout global markets.  Real-time, actionable video requirements are expanding across the Transportation industry with specific applications leveraging real-time video including autonomous vehicles, urban traffic monitoring, and video analytics.

Autonomous vehicles employ embedded software, sensors, and communications systems trending towards advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. True level 5 autonomous driving, full autonomy in any and all conditions, will not be achieved without real-time video enhancement technology. ProHawk provides real-time video enhancement technology that provides unparalleled clarity in compromised video due to adverse lighting, extreme weather, airborne particulate matter, and challenging environmental conditions. ProHawk unlocks the highest quality Instant Visual Clarity with ultra-low latency, enabling deep learning and AI based systems to analyze optimized, actionable video in real-time.

The most critical characteristic in a real-time video enhancement solution is the latency of the system. This is the time delay between a video frame entering the system, video enhancement(s) being applied to the video frame, and receiving the enhanced video frame. Real-time machine/computer vision video requires extremely low latency because this has a strong effect on overall satisfaction and usability of the system. This requirement demonstrates the distinct advantage that ProHawk real-time video enhancement technology provides over competitive offerings with a latency of less than 20 µs. This enables high-speed mobile applications such as autonomous vehicles, autonomous aircraft, and urban traffic monitoring.

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