ProHawk provides real-time video enhancement technology that provides unparalleled Instant Visual Clarity in compromised video due to lighting, weather, particulate matter, and environmental conditions. ProHawk unlocks the highest quality enhancements with ultra-low latency, enabling users, IoT devices, or Computer Vision enabled AI systems to analyze optimized, actionable video in real-time.

Instant Visual Clarity – ProHawk unlocks the highest quality real-time video enhancements with patented ultra-low latency enabling dramatically improved Instant Visual Clarity. Thereby enabling users, IoT devices, and computer vision systems to more accurately analyze and act on clarity in video data.

Visibility in Degraded Visual Environments – ProHawk provides visibility in adverse lighting and challenging environments that can leave little to no actionable data with traditional video systems. ProHawk provides Instant Visual Clarity in these circumstances enables Computer Vision AI systems, IoT devices, and humans to receive the full benefit of their video systems allowing them to take proper action quickly.

Clarity in Challenging Weather Conditions – ProHawk allows AI systems, IoT devices, and end users to see clearly through extreme weather conditions that impact the visibility of camera systems. Severely compromised video quality is eliminated with ProHawks Instant Visual Clarity Technology providing users and AI Computer Vision systems with the actionable data they require.

Improve Recognition – ProHawk is a foundation technology which enables Video Analytics, IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision systems to dramatically improve event detection, object recognition, 3D pose estimation, and motion estimation.

Potential Life Saving – When clear visibility is the difference between life and death, ProHawk provides the instantaneous visual clarity required to make life-saving decisions.

ProHawk Patented Algorithms

Low Latency

The most critical characteristic in a real-time video enhancement solution is the latency of the system. This is the time delay between a video frame entering the system, video enhancement(s) being applied to the video frame, and receiving the enhanced, clarified video frame. Since real-time video monitoring requires human observation or AI based analytics systems with computer vision, perceptible latency has a strong effect on user satisfaction and the usability of the system. This requirement demonstrates the distinct advantage that ProHawk solutions provide with a latency of less than 20 µSecs.

ProHawk unlocks the highest quality real-time video enhancements with ultra-low 20 µs latency enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning systems to improve object detection and classification. The Detailed Enhancement Filter algorithm is optimized to minimize latency introduced while processing video enhancement.  The Detailed Enhancement Filter algorithm takes less than 20µs to enhance a HD-SDI 1080p60 video stream. No other image enhancement technology delivers this level of performance for real-time application support. This allows machine and computer vision systems to more accurately analyze and act on enhanced real-time video.

Detailed Extraction Algorithms

ProHawk’s patented Detail Enhancement Filter (DEF) is the core enhancement algorithm that achieves high image sensitivity. DEF is the only real-time video enhancement platform that concurrently processes six distinct enhancements algorithms, improving visual clarify, eliminating the need for expensive and sophisticated optical systems. The DEF enhancement algorithm is a suite of chained enhancement methodologies including algorithms supporting dynamic range enhancement, contrast optimization, contextual color enhancement, edge sharpening, rapid movement minimization and visual noise reduction. These algorithms combined together provide finer, sharper levels of detail and clarity, static visual noise reduction, improve color representation (natural to the human eye), remove objects obscuring visibility, defined and detailed edges, reduced blurriness, all without frame skipping & white clipping.

Clear Tone Contrast Algorithm

The patented Clear Tone Contrast algorithm provides low contrast image enhancement clarity because of extremely dark or bright frames and/or areas. The algorithm divides an image into blocks to leverage a tone brightness histogram to adjust brightness for every pixel in every frame.

Contextual Color Correction Algorithm

ProHawk’s patented Contextual Color Correction algorithm is a small and fast algorithm to identify color in over or under exposed areas delivering improved color representation that is more natural to the human eye.

Rapid Motion Detection Alogrithm

Our Rapid Motion Detection algorithm patent removes unwanted objects obscuring visibility with noise reduction that eliminated frame skipping & white clipping. A simple 2 step bright and dark pixel processing code structure that detects rapid motion for every pixel simultaneously.

Adaptive Detailed Extraction Algorithm

Adaptive Detailed Enhancement Filter is a patent pending in-frame processing algorithm that does not require previous video frames or histogram. This algorithm is designed for extreme moving source demands that are challenged with directional and/or target acquisition visibility difficulties. It delivers unparalleled video clarity with the lowest possible latency for autonomous vehicles, drones, autonomous ships, smart cities, autonomous aircraft, and subsonic to hypersonic moving autonomous aircraft and missiles.

Industry Standard High Definition Video Formats

ProHawk solutions enhance many type of imagery including conventional video, high or wide dynamic range, infrared, thermal, and even medical images. ProHawk solutions support various industry standard formats, such as SMPTE, HDMI, and VESA that include formats such as: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p, 4K UHD, 5K UHD, & 8K UHD.