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ProHawk & Mutualink Announce Partnership to Deliver Powerful Enhanced Real-Time Video to the US Public Safety & FirstNet Customers

March 7, 2018

Today, Mutualink, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of secure inter-operable communications solutions, announced an exclusive master licensing partnership with Orlando, Florida based ProHawk Technology Group, Inc. that will enable Mutualink to deliver new powerful real-time video enhancement technology to the US public safety and FirstNet customers. ProHawk Technology enables live streaming video obscured by environmental conditions such as fog, darkness, snow, and smoke to be enhanced and corrected to provide views of hidden or obscured objects in near real time, under 20 microseconds. The ProHawk capability will be integrated into Mutualink’s inter-operable communications and media sharing platform and will also be made available to Mutualink’s video integration partners. The patented technology can work with any standardized video camera stream source output or remotely in the cloud.