Law Enforcement

Law EnforcementLaw Enforcement agencies are committing to leveraging readily available security & surveillance stored video. Across the world, organizations are investigating criminal activities constantly leveraging high quality video surveillance systems as part of their ongoing investigations. All recorded video security & surveillance can instantly benefit from ProHawk Instant Visual Clarity technology.

ProHawk provides real-time video enhancement technology that provides unparalleled Instant Visual Clarity in compromised video due to adverse lighting, extreme weather, airborne particulate matter, and challenging environmental conditions. ProHawk unlocks the highest quality enhancements with ultra-low latency, enabling detectives and investigators to analyze optimized, actionable video in real-time or after-the-fact.

Law Enforcement is using advanced forensic video analytics for security and to improve operational effectiveness. High quality actionable video is essential to key, common video analytics uses including License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Facial Recognition. ProHawk real-time video enhancement algorithms provide a critical technology, which can enable exponential value recognition for law enforcement applications in this rapidly developing and evolving market.